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    Alphabet Soup: The Terminology of Online Lead Generation



    One thing you may notice about sales lead generation services, at least the ones that focus on online tools, is the alphabet soup that they come with. All the PPC, SEO and CTAs that go into generating leads for your business can be a bit confusing to someone who has not contemplated any of that before. If you really want to know and utilize all of the online lead generation tools at your disposal, you would do well to get to know them, especially the terms that are unfamiliar acronyms.

    CRM – This term can be seen in a number of contexts, including lead generation, and it always means customer relationship management. CRM tools help businesses track their relationship with each lead – finding them, selling to them, keeping them happy and enticing them to return if they choose another product for a time.

    CTA – A CTA can mean everything from Computed Tomography Angiography in the medical realm to Commodity Trading Advisor in the financial realm, but in terms of lead generation services it means a Call To Action. This can be a digital image of a button or anything that encourages a lead to register or download or make some move in the direction of purchasing.

    CTR – The Clickthrough Rate helps advertisers measure how effective each digital advertisement is by taking the number of clicks on a given ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown online.

    Impression – This is the term used to measure how many times your ad is displayed, regardless of whether any potential leads click on it.

    Landing Page – This refers to the page where a potential customer is taken after clicking on an advertisement. These pages are designed specifically to turn a potential lead into a lead and a lead into a sale.

    Lead Generation – This term can encompass anything relating to finding potential customers – newspaper advertising, product exhibits, etc. – but in the most modern sense it usually means using internet marketing tools to accomplish that task.

    Natural Search – This is basically another term for SEO and is the opposite of paid search. Natural search is a tool that uses keyword research and usage to engineer a higher placement in search engines.

    Paid Search – This is an online marketing technique that involves purchasing an ad at the top of search engines so your website has a better chance of getting clicked on by potential customers.

    PPC – This term refers to an advertising tool called Pay Per Click. A business pays search engines and other sites for each click that leads a potential customer from the ad on their page to the business’ page for a potential purchase.

    SEO – Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of improving your company site’s position in search results. With an excellent SEO strategy you can expect your company’s website to appear on the first page of search results instead of subsequent pages where potential leads are less likely to see it.

    White Paper – A white paper is an article that outlines a topic related to your company in great detail. It is less time-sensitive and lengthier than a typical press release. The strategic publish of a white paper can generate leads if readers take an interest and want to know more.

    With the right sales lead generation service you won’t have to know all of the terminology in depth, but it will inspire confidence to know what you are paying for and you can ask for help with specific areas to help your business grow.

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    Sales Lead Generation Services Review Articles
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