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Sales Lead Generation Services Reviews

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Sales Lead Generation Services Review

Why Use a Sales Lead Generation Service?

When you have a business, you have already figured out your services, products and solutions. But sometimes finding customers and clients can be difficult. You dedicate time and energy to keeping your company running, but you may not have employees with time to spare or an internal sales team to track leads. Word of mouth is no longer enough on its own to increase your sales and grow your business. That is where sales lead generation services step up to increases your presence and spread knowledge of what your company has to offer.

These services know how to boost your sales by finding and verifying leads, some even assessing their potential to buy and become return clients. Many services specialize in SEO, so your company ranks higher in search engine results. Some services offer websites design and enhancements, and assist you in creating documents and white pages. The best lead generation services – including Callbox, LeadGeneration.com and Strategic Sales & Marketing – provide all of these services along with a personal account manager and a team to support you along the way. For additional information, check out our articles on sales lead generation.

Sale Lead Generation Services: What to Look For

When choosing a sales lead generation service, you want to ensure you choose a service that offers features that benefit your company. Most services offer similar features, including boosting SEO, identifying leads, and creating email or telemarking campaigns. Many services offer additional features, including scheduling B2B appointments, integrating with CRMs and following up with potential leads. The following are the main features we considered important when choosing a service:

Lead Generation
When generating leads for your company, you can choose a service that focuses on increasing your online presence. This includes focusing on SEO to improve your ranking in organic searches or by setting up paid searches. Advertising on social media sites is an option growing in popularity and efficacy. Many services offer campaigns to spread knowledge of your products and solutions, including event promotion, telemarking and direct mail.

If your website needs some work, you can choose a company that helps with webpage design, creates blogs or adds enhancements to your website. Document creation is a feature many services offer, including press releases, brochures and newsletters. The creation of white pages provides deliverables explaining specific products, services and solutions your company offers.

After a service discovers new leads for you, the best companies provide further information and follow up with those leads. Companies that provide lead verification assist you in contacting leads after initial contact to confirm that they are potential customers. This may include automatic emails or telephone calls. Lead scoring provides analytics determining how likely a lead is to purchase your product or service. Some analytics can further group your leads based on characteristics, helping you determine the type of follow up that would be most beneficial.

All services offer reports of some kind, so we considered more advanced reporting features. These include real-time reporting, most commonly available via an online portal where you can manage your account and leads. Many services offer direct integration to your CRM software as well.

Help & Support
Typical help and support options are available with all services, including by telephone and email. Many services offer live chat as well. One element we considered was the level of information provided on the website. While most services explain the features they provide, some simply list the service without much detail, which is not very helpful.

Lead generation services work to boost your sales by increasing your online presence, bettering your ranking in search engines, creating content and improving your website. The best services not only find you leads, but also help you manage and follow up with them. These services provide a way to increase your revenue and your clientele while you devote valuable resources needed elsewhere when growing your company.